Sense crapped again due to Data Sources feature


I had activated the data sources feature and my Sense unit went crazy and turned the mains negative. Did not associate that as the problem. Tech support got the problem fixed and when they did it came back with data sources off. Note I have solar, and have since found at least one other person with this same issue. Last night around 11:45 everything looked good so I decided to turn that feature on. Almost immediately after doing that the mains turned negative again. So, I am associating one action with the other.


I have solar, and I have activated the network data sources. I have not seen any difference. It seems to be working exactly the same as it did before I activated data sources.


Glad it is ok for you.


Mine seems OK as well. Android vs ios bug? I’m on android.


Running IOS. Hope they fix this tomorrow!


I have solar and had mine go negative about the time I turned on identification as well. I have Android.


I had an issue when I turned it on initially, which was that my “right” Usage and Solar CTs, stopped reporting. After disabling the feature and power cycling Sense, the issue went away. After a day of not seeing the issue return, I enabled the feature again, and the issue has not come back. I’m on IOS. Tech Support have been monitoring my device over the weekend.


I activated data sources without any issues - neither on the solar nor on the mains. Using both Android and iOS.


No solar here but I did enable the network data source and haven’t had any issues.


I also activated data sources with no negative effects. However I don’t think I own any of the devices they’re currently tracking through that feature …

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