Sense "forgetting" devices

Our Sense monitor has been running for about 15 months. It identified our dryer and stove top, but later when they were turned on, the usage was listed as “other”. It never again showed any data for either device. Since it no longer recogized them, I deleted them. It has not identified them again. The only devices it seems to recognize consistently are those that are on smart plugs, the ice maker in the fridge, the water heater and my electric kettle. The fridge itself is listed as part of “always on”.

After more than a year, it seems that Sense should recognize more than three devices consistently that are not on Smart plugs. It has never identified common things like the oven, microwave or washer. Is there anything I can do to help it “remember” the few devices it manages to identify? It would be nice to be able to tell it that the additional load in “other” is really the oven that was just started.

I have purchased 3 more Smart plugs, but things like the oven and the dryer cannot be put on Smart plugs. I must admit I am frustrated and disappointed.

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