Sense isn’t making any…

I love the shoulder seasons because that’s when we use the least electricity and bank a lot of solar net metering kWh. but why is Sense reporting that my Mitsubishi unit is on intermittently throughout the day if it’s literally ‘off’ at the thermostat?

I don’t know about your model HVAC, but do know some units cycle (neither heating nor cooling and very low power) periodically even when turned off at the thermostat. The only way to completely turn them off (and some of them say “not recommended”) is to shut off the breaker.

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Sense often gets confused…. Keep in mind that Sense is not detecting when things are on or off per se…. Sense detects the power on and power off signatures of a device…which sounds the same, but is not at all the same…at least this is my understanding…I am happy for someone at Sense to correct my understanding if I am wrong…

I have a device labeled HVAC Fan which is recognized as “on” when multiple things are happening in my household…. Not because my HVAC Fan is on…but because multiple things have a similar “power on” signature…

I bet you are running into the same issue I have been running into…


Absolutely correct, Sense detects transitions, and I have seen similar problems. I’m not sure how they figure out the individual device draw, since it’s possible for multiple transitions to happen almost at the same time.


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Sense might be conflating some other device with your AC. The thing I find is that Sense gets a little less accurate with AC detection during the shoulder seasons, though for me, it misses detections rather than conflating them. Looking at your screen shot of the Power Meter, it looks something is turning on to the tune of 700W extra to match your AC trend usage (it something real). The trick figuring out what that other device is.

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