Sense Monitor: Signals - Should both legs have frequency?

I’m 24-hours in and paranoid that putting the panel back on pushed open the clamps. Should frequency be shown on both legs? Anyone else install in a Zinsco?

Sorry for no installed pic, I was focused on powering the house back up.

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so you mean on the “mains”?

Yes, does yours show 60hz once or under both columns?

60Hz only shows up once.

Becky, I would hazard a guess that your clamps are swapped around. The leg with the highest current draw should have the lower voltage. Yours is the opposite.

You can fix it by swapping either the clamps or the two wires powering the monitor. Personally, I would swap the two wires.

It probably makes no difference in the operation of the monitor, it’s just nice to get things set up right.

Hmm … you should consider replacing that panel sooner than later.

Thanks! I had no idea. I can easily swap either. I think I’ve read that disturbing the clamps is a bad thing… does it mess up device detection if you move them? You’re saying I should swap the wires that power the monitor?

editing: so I just now checked it and the higher main has the lower voltage, but the numbers are all a lot closer