Sense only shows one main

Hi Sense Community, I installed the Sense - which I thought it was a straight forward install. I also had the “happy” initial sound when I first installed the Sense.

However, I can only see one main in my Sense app, on the web interface it does not show any main under Settings / Meter. I am able to see general power usage on one main (no devices detected yet), any devices on the other main are not reported. Simple tests with turning devices on or off confirm this. I went through all the feeds in this forum related to the one-main-only issue as well.

I have a ticket open with Sense, but I do not receive any usable feedback from the support rep about possible causes. The only definite thing I was told at some point that “my installation” was done wrong", even though I had reported the correct / expected voltages I has measured between breaker connectors as as well as between breaker and neutral. That was based on the pictures I had sent in (which showed the unit and connectors installed per Sense installation instructions). Later on Sense did send me a replacement power cord - so I guess the installation was not wrong after all.

Eventually Sense support agreed to sending me a new power cable - this did not make a difference. I did a continuity test on the cables (off-power) and three wires showed proper connection between the plug and the open end that connects to the breaker and neutral bus.

A couple of questions I had thrown out to Sense support (no answers yet) in order to narrow down the possible culprit:

  • Does the showing of the Voltage (in Settings / Monitor) in each leg depend on the current clamp functioning properly? Explanation:
    - Would the voltage for the respective main show if he clamp does not work? OR
    - Will the voltage from the respective main leg not show if the clamp for that main does not work?

I basically want to get an understanding if the function of the voltage reading for the missing main depends on the sensing of the current clamp on the main:

  • If not then the voltage should show if the clamp does not work
  • If they are dependent on each other than the voltage would not show if the clamp does not work - in which case the clamp could be the faulty device.

Further more:

  • Would you recommend switching the current clamps on the mains?
  • Would you recommend a factory reset?
  • What are the chances that the actual Sense unit is damaged?

From my interaction with Sense so far it appears that either a) no body at tech support actually looked into my issue or b) they just don’t have the capacity / man power to deal with it. Either way, after spending $300 for the unit and quite some time troubleshooting, including the repeated power disconnects when working on the breaker I am wondering if the one-start reviews on Amazon were right.

I will be grateful for any insight I could get.

Thanks in advance for your time!

Hey there -
Sorry about the delay (and the issues you’ve had so far!) I see you were able to get through to our Support team, and I requested your ticket was escalated to a support lead. It looks like there was a suspected issue with your monitor and Support has approved a replacement monitor to be sent out.

As you get set-up with your new monitor, please let us know if you’re experiencing the same issues. If you manage to get the replacement monitor added to your panel, we recommend taking some photos of the installation so that if there are any issues you don’t have to open your panel again to share your configuration with Support.