Sense sees Dish Washer and Toaster as the same thing

The other day Sense identified a “Heater”. By it’s on time, it was obviously my toaster. Later in the day it stated the toaster was on when in fact it was the Dish Washer. I’ve closely watched both devices for two days. Sense always recognized the Toaster and the Dish Washer as the same device for every on/off event of either. Is there any solution to this? Thx. Screen shot of power meter attached. Dishwasher cycle to the left 10pm to 12:30am, Toaster to the right 4:10pm.

I have the exact same situation: my toaster and dishwasher both trigger the same definition. Here is how I distinguish them mentally: If the device was on for a short period (total energy used that day was just a little), I know it was the toaster. If the device came on regularly for a long period (total energy used that day was a lot), I know it was the dishwasher.

While this might not be the “solution” you had in mind, it works for me. I don’t mind having these two devices conflated, since they are both kitchen appliances. I group my devices by category, and since these are the same category, it is no big deal. I can see how this would be an issue if the two devices were different categories, so if there is a better solution, I’m all ears.

Yeah, It’s obvious to me (but apparently not Sense) which is which. The Toaster is just a single spike for a couple of minutes, the Dish Washer is a long repeated pattern over a couple of hours. I labeled the device “Dish Washer and Toaster”. As you said, not a big deal since I would think of the usage together anyway. It just would be nice if the Sense could draw the same conclusions on which is which like we humans can. :slight_smile:

This conflation shows on key shortcoming of Sense’s short-ramp, instant detection (bubble appears immediately after on-signature) technique. Even a smart human couldn’t draw the same conclusion when only looking at 1/2 second in time. That’s why the “Progressive device detection” mentioned here is so interesting…


Sense recognizes the halogen shower lights and the Icemaker heater as the same item. A bit frustrating

This looks to be very promising. Sense can continue to “guess” at something by the first 1/2 sec but as 10 min or 10 days pass, it can update that historical data to it’s better “progressive” guess and then hopefully it can integrate what it learns to make more accurate 1/2 second guesses in the first place.


Ditto both of you. My toaster oven uses 1,170w and my dishwasher when the heater is on uses 1,370w. I had an alert on my toaster oven so I kept saying “This device is not on” but it didn’t ever lead to any result. I stopped caring.