Toaster oven

How can I get sense to understand this is a toaster oven ? It’s a brevel multi element large toaster oven and we use it a lot…

It’s still unknown after several weeks with sense installed.

That looks like something that should easily be identified over time. I understand it’s used a lot, but give it some time; hard to say what’s keeping it from being picked up right away but it’ll get there.


This is where device hints in the app would be ideal. It would be great if we could tag the same device running 3 to 5 times in the app, and then tell sense what was running special during that timeframe, and then have sense algorithms focus on those tagged items for a pattern. Instead of filter thru days of data, it would figure things out.

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I currently have a toaster oven I’m trying to keep separate from the coffee maker. My teenage son gets home from school and fires it up in the afternoon to make tater tots- Sense notifies me at work that the coffee maker has turned on. I keep using the report a problem while this is active to indicate it’s not on, to try to allow the already detected coffee maker’s correct data to be ‘kept separate’ from the toaster oven usage.

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