Sense show 0 Watt & 0 Volt reading

Hi !

I’ve used Sense for 7 days. (3 devices were detected so far)
But now its always show 0 Volt, 0 Watt power usage.

Because i’ve use this in Thailand on 220 Volt 50 Hz ? (Single phase)
So, the volt detection circuit survive for 7 days before it was fried ?
But… Sense still connected to my network.
I’ve check the router, and yes. It still connected to the internet.
The App show Online status, but it didn’t feed any data to server.

So sad :frowning:
Really looking forward for Sense-team, if you could make this work in 220 Volt !

Hi @porsatan! Can i let the team here take a look at your monitor data? Unfortunately since the monitor is outside of our ship-to location the warranty on your Sense is void and we’re limited on how we can assist you since you’re located in Thailand. We also recommend sending this issue through to our Support team.

Hello Justin

Sure, you can take a look at my data. (though my login and serial number above)
and Sense’s serial number is above picture.

I understand that the warranty will be voided. And accept this condition.
But want to try your product anyway.

Can you do some modification ?
or this Sense was permanently damaged ?

Thank you, @porsatan.
I’m going to remove your email address from this thread just so others can’t see it.
Can you also reach out to so we can add this issue to our system?
Thank you!

Email sent.
Thanks for your help !

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