Sense Tech Videos Worth Watching

For folks who want more technical info on how Sense works and how to get the most out of it, here are a few good videos from the past year or so.

Sense Webinar - August 2018

AskSense - April 2019

AskSense - May 2019


Thanks for re-upping these @kevin1 as I think there are some great highlights therein that for most in the Community really helps to explain the non-trivial nature of what Sense is doing.

In particular I like hearing Mike, Chris & Ryan explain the challenges. The “Oh *%&!” moment. [March 2019 @ 6:10]

I would love that same cast (the Founders) and staging talking about the specifics of unsupervised vs supervised learning. A lot of the deeper questions people here have (I think) fall back on that fundamental and that interview format, to me, has more weight than a one-on-one because they are debating, kinda-sorta.

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