Sense with Two Solar systems

My original solar system connects to a breaker in the panel.
I have the Sense solar attached to that input and it works fine.
My 2nd system is a Solar Edge system that is connected to the incoming main lines. So it isn’t possible to wrap the solar sensors around both system inputs.
It seems to me that if i bought a 2nd set of Sense Solar cables, that I could put those around the Solar Edge panels, and then splice them into the other Solar cables coming from the first system, so they would both be summed to the input plug in the Sense monitor.
Does that make sense?
If so, could Sense provide a Y connector to combine the two inputs into one?

Is your second solar install tapped into the mains inside your panel? In other words, do you basically have both configurations shown in the “Works with most solar systems” section of (one configuration for each solar install)? If not, even if the dual-monitor idea works, you’re going to end up with funky numbers (where your second system gets counted twice in your consumption total).