Sharing Feature, Share certain values with the public

I would be nice to be able to build a “Public View” page, that lets me share whatever I want with the public. Kind of like my solar output here: I did this one myself using my APSystems solar data, but you get the point… No login needed, just a page that we make public for our sense device, no control or anything, view only.

thats data from my sense system, I also have APS Inverters… :slight_smile:

The sun shines regardless of whether you are home so what you are suggesting could work for the Solar input but as far as usage being public, hmm.

As @danderson suggests, seems to be emerging as the de-facto standard for that.

So there is already sense integration with pvoutput? If not you have to jump through hoops. I want to share the sense data including my homes usage. Not data from my inverters.

Not sure what you mean by sun shines regardless of me being home or not.

If a large group of people make realtime usage data public (or even just you) what’s stopping somebody determining when people are or aren’t home? Some people don’t care about such data linkages but many do.

In general, Sense will always err on the side of Privacy I believe. Toggling a button in the UI to “Make my usage public” (or somesuch), either deliberately or by mistake, is quite different in terms of privacy agreements and underlying privacy admin and security than allowing data export and (self) publication.

Right. That’s why I said a way for us to build a public view. Add what you want to the public dashboard. Add solar, add usage, don’t Turn the public dashboard off if you want. The end user decides.

It’s kind of like. Lock your front door or not the lock manufacturer isn’t on the hook either way.

you need to check out the data analysis group here on the sense forums… as for how I get my data to pvoutput here is that link, also in the data analysis forum. Push


not what im looking for… Im looking for something i can post on facebook, compare with other solar users… kind of like what SMA is doing here:

But sense users… for those of us that are not wearing tin-foil hats worried that our power usage is being monitored, by thieves that could just hide a cell webcam in a tree and watch my house with better accuracy… An all in one page for comparing, viewing, seeing on a map other sense users (should they opt in) just like the other sites out there doing the same.

A public site would be pretty neat. This is what I can do with SolarEdge for example.

Cool, exactly! My issue is that I have two systems, one by APSystems (micro inverters) and one String system by SMA. So the only single point that gathers both is my Sense setup… unless i want to get crazy and tie them with modbus and jump through a bunch of hoops…

But here is my APSystems:
My SMA system:
and sense… oh I cant share that…

It just kind of sucks that I have to jump through hoops because I have a few different solar setups, export data, to third party sites, wire in sensors to one of my inverters that already do public pages, all to share what sense can do very easily.

but yea how cool would it be for facebook, personal webpage, blogs to show my near real-time sense info… Not to mention gets sense out there with some free word of mouth advertising.

Agree that the fragmentation of solar sharing environments sucks… But I would make the case that PVOutput isn’t all that different from the sites you point to. And that @danderson has a way to automate data pushes to PVOutput. But better is often the enemy of good enough…


Welcome, PVOutput is a free service for sharing and comparing PV output data.

If you own a solar system please contribute your power output readings.


I had my installer add consumption CTs to my system (Enphase) when it was installed. Both production and consumption is sent to PVoutput.


PV Output could be a valid option, but its ugly… and lacking in features. Very basic displays, lacking nice visuals, looks like a lab report. If im sharing something on facebook, needs to look nice like sense does, not like a collage project/report.

reading this a few days later, that was a bit harsh… lol but i am looking for “better looking” sharing.

well, I built the feature myself using the SENSE API, still needs some pretty up work… but here is the link if you want to check it out: