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Just like Sense I saw this on Facebook and love the idea of adding this to my house and replacing the ADT system that I currently have. Well when I say replace I mean convert it because this uses the existing system.

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Be careful as ADT has used Ademco Vista panels in the past. That’s exactly what I have and they give fair warning about its use with Zone 1.


I am not sure what you mean


When I read the link you provided in the section “what it does not do”, it states it doesn’t work with Ademco Vista panels on Zone 1 and they are working on a fix.
I haven’t had my system on in quite a few years but believe I have more than smoke detectors in zone 1.
That earning is exactly what I suggested to sense that they should also have. Like inverter well pumps that create too much “noise”. It would cut down on unhappy customers that learn after install that their home isn’t a good candidate for sense.


Well I don’t know much about my system accept its an ADT system so how do i find out if I have an Ademco Vista panel? Also I would like to tell you that you were correct about my dishwasher. Not sure why I didn’t remember that it was hardwired into the wall but for some reason I thought I plugged it into a plug that was behind it. In my defense though it was a year ago that I put that dishwasher in. Looks like i wont be installing that HS110 on the dishwasher.


You could very easily put in a surface mount receptacle box and an appliance cord on the dishwasher. Probably less than $15 and an hours time.


Well I am trying to get my stuff ready for the week and went to do some laundry but noticed the Wemo plug that I have the washer on wasn’t showing up correctly in the sense app so i unplugged it and put the HS110 on the washing machine and i will have to play around with the Wemo and see what the deal was and probably use it as my testing smart plug because its the only Wemo plug i have so it wont be a big deal if i have to remove it and re assign it to the sense app. Having troubles with the 3 HS300’s though and none of them are showing up correctly in the app and it says all 3 HS300 are off even though I know they are all on and there are a couple devices that are on them and running right now.


I don’t know if it relates to the HS300’s but the range extender I have is having problems. T P Link is aware of it and working on a fix, it doesn’t communicate with Alexa right now. Sense doesn’t support my device but maybe T P Link is having trouble with other models too.


I can see my HS300’s in the Kasa app and they showed up on the sense app as soon as the newest update came out but after a couple days they just went inactive in the sense app like they aren’t on.


I use an Eyez-On Envisalink 4 with our DSC panel to hook it into our home automation with HomeSeer. It also supports certain Ademco panels.

ADT often won’t give out the installer code and may enable the installer lockout feature, which prevents a panel reset. Your mileage may vary and sometimes you can find often used ADT installer codes online.

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You remove the old control board inside and replace it with the Konnected panel and only reuse the existing sensors in the house like the door/window sensors and smoke detectors. You also dont use their panels because everything goes directly to your phone via an app. they also have the option to use an Amazon fire tablet as a control center for your house.


The potential downside, if it matters, is you can no longer get a home insurance discount when replacing the guts and not using a certified monitoring comapny.

For our home I self-installed a new DSC panel and have a UL listed monitoring company watching it, but the EVL-4 allowed me to tie all the sensors and panel status into HomeSeer for anything else I’d like to use them for. And no I don’t use ADT, they’re ripoff agents. :slightly_smiling_face:

The home insurance discount and remote monitoring fees pretty much wash each other out in our scenario.


Is correct getting the codes. My brother was an installer as a subcontractor and had the codes for many companies.
It may be possible to get the code from a google search and some time.
I am receiving the discount and have not had active monitoring for several years.


Lucky. We have to provide a certificate from the monitoring company to our insurance agent.


@scorp508, here is the funniest discount I’m getting. Living in rural Kentucky or rates are also based on distance from fire station and hydrant. My neighbor went and purchased a fire hydrant of the exact same model the county installs. This hydrant was about $800 and he used a backhoe to dig down and set it. It is not connected to water source at all but all of us within 1/4 mile are receiving a discount. His yard ornament has saved me thousands. I actually didn’t even know about this strategy of his until recently. I had always thought it was a working hydrant.