Solar Export trend?

Is it possible to make available a separate trend view for solar export TO THE GRID? We can trend solar production and grid consumption on trend so I presume to imagine that trending export should not be a great undertaking (I Hope!). It would make for a great at a glance tool to assist with conservation strategies, verifying utility data and generally make for an inexpensive feature addition. Thoughts?

Would “Net Usage” do ? That would be current Usage - Solar Production (actually plus Solar Production since Solar Production is actually negative usage). In that case, positive Net Usage should match up with Net Usage coming from your utility net meter. And any time Net Usage is negative, that means you would be exporting to the grid.

Your suggestion of Net Usage would show complete data - provided it showed positive and negative. Anything on the plus side would be grid consumption and anything on the negative side would be export. Current trend lines are all positive so maybe four different trends would be needed: total consumption, solar, net consumption and export.


The best part is that you can try it yourself immediately with the new download feature announced today, at least on an hourly basis !