Solar turned on today!

My panels have been installed for about 3 weeks. Been waiting for the utility to finish the interconnect. To be fair, we have had a really strong hurricane sitting just off the coast and I’m sure they were more worried about the grid as a whole than turning my system on.

Here’s the first two hours of operation on the power meter. Can’t wait to see what it looks like given some more time. I’m really excited about finally getting them turned on!

I’ve got 26 310w black Hanwah Q-cells for a total of 8.06kW running on a SolarEdge HD 7600 inverter.


Try not to get discouraged with the production as the days get shorter. They will start to get better at Xmas.
My brother has a 7Kw 3 phase system in Australia. 35 degrees south and he is coming up on 43MWh in 5 years. It does only about a quarter of his bill but he doesn’t have much roof left (solar heating for the pool). He probably should have put up more solar panels and used a heat pump for the pool.

Congrats, I’m waiting on Duke to approve my solar install. Now that Dorian has past Florida things should pick up.

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My 66 330w Panasonic panels were turned on just before Dorian arrived off the coast of FL. FPL installed my net meter on Wednesday. I am also excited. Peak production is about 20 kW. I should be net zero over the course of a year.


Yowzers, that’s a lotta kW. Congrats.

Does your “net zero” include an EV?

I have the “perfect” roof for that much production. My house isn’t big but rear of house faces South and I don’t have any shade trees. My neighbor has one big shade tree that impacts the North East panels but regardless, I get a lot of sun. Here is my public page from Enphase.

There are some disparities between Sense’s production and Enphase but I haven’t had enough time to dig in with detail.

I do have a Model 3 and according to the last 12 months of usage which includes the EV, yes, I should be net zero. FPL only gives a credit at the wholesale rate so I did not want to over produce. I’m hoping Tesla will allow the car to act as a powerwall some time in the future. We’ll see…

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