Switched legs devices redetected

Permanently switched 2 breakers around to different legs to better balance my loads. One circuit only a light the other my sump pump and dehumidifier. Both the pump and dehumidifier were re-detected (detected as new device) within a week.
My Pump now reports using about 10w less than before but under stats is showing “Average usage” went up by over 40w.
My dehumidifier is reporting a lot less. Average 200w now vs 478 before. I’m pretty sure the dehumidifier is only detecting the fan and not the compressor now.

Notice the models look slightly different.

New Sump Pump cycle

Old Sum Pump cycle

New Dehumidifier cycle

Old Dehumidifier cycle

Would I be better off merging the detections from both legs? “Unmerging” (WEB APP NO LONGER HAS A DELETE OPTION ONLY UNMERGE WITCH ACTUALLY DELETES THE DEVICE) the previous detection? “Unmerging” (AKA DELETING) the new detection and letting it relearn? Or do nothing?