Tagging Sense - Device Detection Errors


Is there a way to tag or tell sense that the device it is detecting is false? For instance my Dryer is running and sense is identifying it as our AC unit.
I have quite a few of these detecting issues. I would like to correct them ASAP.


please see my post

It would be nice for some users to support me as I have the same problem
and added a product wishlist feature that I’d like to see to fix it.


While the incorrect device is on, tap the device to get to its details page.
Tap the gear in the upper right corner.
Choose Manage
Report a problem.
You should see two choices. “Device is not on” or “Something else”.
Choose Device is not on.

So in your scenario you would tap the AC and then report it as not on.
Usually right away, you will see the AC turn off and all that power go back to “Other”.
But it doesn’t necessarily mean that the problem is fixed. Basically you are just telling the system that something was wrong about that detection, try again. You may need to mark it several more times and it could take a couple weeks to stop identifying the wrong device. I would say if it still wrong in a month or so after reporting it a couple times, open a support ticket with the team.


Ben - Thanks for the update. I did not realize that you could manages devices while they are running. I did it the opposite way in the “Devices” section on the bottom and on the timeline. Will give it a try…


Yeah, it has to be on to for the Device is not on option to appear.
Any method of getting to the device screen is fine. Device Tab, or touching a bubble in Bubble view.


Ben - I have had my device for almost 2 years, and I am getting tired of having to ‘manage it.’ Hard to manage the real time cost year over year with so many errors in device reporting. I am looking into another solution like the Spider from TED. My Always On and Other bubble are my pet peeves when I use the app.


We definitely hear you on device detection issues. We’re constantly working to improve it and have made a lot of progress over the past year. We also have some major work planned for this year around Always On that should help to break out that category more. Still, device detection varies across homes for a litany of reasons. We’re working hard to make this experience more consistent.


So if my water heater (previously identified) is being incorrectly placed in the other category, how can I tell sense that it should be “On”?


See this Product Wishlist thread: How about a new button? This device IS on

At this time, that functionality does not exist.