Tesla Model X not dectected after months



It’s been almost 6 months and my Model X still has not been detected. Anyone have any ideas of what I can do to to address this?


@swoodland, thanks for checking about this. We’re still working to expand our detection of EVs. Right now we’re able to detect the Model S and BMW i3. We’re still working on on detection models for other EVs. Thanks for your patience!


@BenAtSense Is there anything we can do to move this along? Information we can provide? I just took delivery of a Model X 100 D last night…


Unfortunately not much you can do right now. It’s more of a resource issue at the moment in that our data scientist who has been working on EVs, needed to work on some overall device detection infrastructure. I’d check back in a few weeks about this. The Model X is an EV who’s detector we’ll be working on in the near future and there may be some useful information to share then.


Will this lack of resources impact proper detecting of my Model S which has been inconsistent/buggy? Or do I just need to let Sense learn and wait it out? Does this require a data scientist to fix?


@marcbh, I’m sorry that your Model S detection is still having issues. Honestly, a combination of the two at the moment. We are continuing to work on improving Model S detection, so you should see that improve going forward but it may be a little slower than we’d like.


I actually have a Model X not a S


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