The mystery of the Dryer

So I think Sense has broken down my dryer into multiple detections. Motor 1, Heat 1 and Heat 2.
Motor 1 is likely the drum motor. Heat 1 seems to turn on for very brief time period during start of the dryer and then goes off. Heat 2 seems more consistent with turning on.
However, it is definitely not tracking the continued power use very well. Heat 2 only turns on for a minute at most.

Motor 1 got detected about 2weeks ago, Heat 1 a week ago and Heat 2 just yesterday.
Should I just leave it alone at the moment or should I merge them? Or do I delete Heat 1?

Ok. Have been doing the laundry this morning. Nevermind. I think I got it.
Motor 1 is definitely the Dryer motor.
Heat 1 is high dryer setting. 2500-2800w(total of 4000+w)
Heat 2 is low dryer setting. 1500w.

I usually use low heat setting.
Heat 1 kicks on at start and turns off once up to temp and then Heat 2 takes over.

Same question. Should I just leave them a bit or merge them?

My thoughts: Unless you have a desperate need to see the combined usage / $$, just name them as the different modes, etc. and wait a while before combining. That gives you more visibility for double checking that no mistaken identifications are creeping in.

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