The New King of Always On

I’ll start with a disclaimer; I live alone in a 750 sq ft 1 bedroom apartment. Regardless, I think this is a feat worthy of note.

My Always On is down to 25 watts!

I started using Sense in August 2017. Like most people, I have always been curious about what uses energy in my apartment. I used to have questions like - why is my bill still high even though I was away from home for 2 weeks in the month of December? Why is my bill still high even though I shut off the HVAC and used my space heater instead.

After installing sense, I began to get answers to my questions about energy usage. I found out that my water heater still runs occasionally to keep the water temperature at the set point whether I’m home or not and that running my space heater (all night and all day during the weekend) was probably costing me more that what I would have incurred by using my HVAC at a lower set point. I became aware of what’s using energy in my apartment and when, then began shutting things off.

After identifying my big energy hogs (HVAC & Water Heater) the next step was to look for a way to reduce their energy consumption without sacrificing my comfort. So, I paired Sense with other smart energy saving devices like smart thermostat, smart water heater controller and wi-fi enabled smart power strip.

I programmed my thermostat to run on eco mode (Cooling mode: Off, during the summer and Heating mode: 50, during the winter so my pipes don’t freeze) as soon as I leave the house. I used the water heater controller to restrict my water heater’s energy usage to just 30 minutes during the workweek – 15 minutes in the morning so I can take a shower and 15 minutes in the evening. Lastly, I used the wi-fi enabled smart power strip to eliminate phantom usage from electronic devices in standby mode.

The results have been impressive. Now, my Always On is down to 25 watts and my monthly energy usage is at an all-time low!

Sorry, markhovis73, your reign is over. A new king is in town!



I bet us apartment dwellers are pretty uncommon on here. My square footage is about 1,200 sq ft and my Always On is about double yours. Sounds like we’re living pretty similar lives!

In any case, congrats! 25W is awesome. What was your AO prior to this?

AO was 42W as at December 2018.

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So bigger isn’t better here?


554W may be high, but in the grand scheme of users, it’s nothing! At least it’s not four digits :slight_smile: