This makes no Sense

Heat Pump did not turn on the entire day.

0.0 kWh graph. Total 0.0 kWh in Summary. Total Cost 0 cents in Summary.

Yet when I click anywhere in graph, I get a per hour usage and cost (different for every hour).

Or on a different day, on 1 time.

So is it 0.6kWH and 9 cents, or 1.8kWH Total and 25 cents🤷🏼‍♂️

11PM-12AM Heat Pump turned on twice

Yet graph shows no power used from 11PM-12AM

No use from 12M-1AM or 2AM-430AM according to graph

Yet this shows a different story

I cant quite follow what is going on here. The first post the screen shots are of “yesterday” and then “Jan 27”. The 2nd post about the (11pm-12am) I assume that your sense meter is not sensing the entire cycle and your heat pump isnt actually running for just a second or two? Appears to be the same thing on the 2am-4:30am. Each one of the cycles are only a second or two long and not 10-25 mins longs like a normal heat pump cycle. So its only calculating the time that it senses the heat pump, its only seeing something like 3,000 watts for 1 seconds which would calculate to 0.0008 kwh of usage.


Exactly my point. What is going on.

Shows 0 times on, yet shows number on hour with no usage. Where is the 2.5kWh of usage?

The whole thing makes no sense.

It’s impossible to follow.

And correct on second post. It’s clearly not tracking the complete cycle.

In the graph … When you hover overtop of the hours.
The blue is the total for that device for that hour= 0
The white below it is total for your house that hour= 2.5 kWh
Just below the graph
Is the Info section is for that day for just the heat pump (what it recognized as the HP)=0 This part does change as you switch from day to day
Then below that is the power meter for the last 24 hours which does not change when you change the day or to month.

My Hot Water Heater has been on how long?

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This appears to be a missed ‘OFF’ transition, causing Sense to believe that your Water Heater has been running for longer than it actually has.

Not a missed off. Sense didn’t show it on with a on bubble or on in the device. It obviously saw it was off in the device and associated graph. So it knew it was off, yet kept sending me notifications it was on.

Oh really? Show me.

Interesting, I don’t have a Device called DEVICE 1