[BUG] - Device Notifications from devices not listed in my device list

All of a sudden, starting today, I’m getting notifications for devices turning on that I don’t have. I just got one that my electric blanket has been on for 3 minutes and I got one earlier that said plug 4 turned on. I don’t have either of these devices in my device list.

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What App Version/Build do you have?

Do you have “New Device” Settings>Notifications on?

Sounds like a potential bug with the latest update.

I noted some in the thread This makes no Sense - #10 by Beachcomber

Since then:
My name is not Ramon

I have no Mini-Fridge

I have no Motorcycle

I have no trickle charger

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Yes, this is exactly the sort of things I’m seeing. It’s like I’m getting notifications for other people’s stuff.

Figured out how to use the Android notification history. I don’t have any of these devices.

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@JustinAtSense @RyanAtSense looks like a defect….

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I’m getting the same, I got a notification for a Dehumidifier I don’t have. Opening the notification took me to my water heater.

Over the last 24 hours, I have gotten 3 or 4 rogue notifications. They are based on custom notifications I have set for my own devices, but the information is wrong. The most recent said, “Your Porch has been on for 20 minutes.” I do indeed have a custom notification for the Porch set at 20 minutes, but when I clicked the notification, the Porch was not on. The device history did have an ON event 20 minutes before, and it also did not list an OFF event, but the status was OFF and the usage graph showed zero watt current usage.

Hypothesis: rogue notifications are being triggered by missed off events. Note that this didn’t used to happen. I didn’t keep good notes of the events today because I hadn’t noticed the pattern. I came to this forum to see if other users were getting similar issues.

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Incorrect hypothesis as noted in my other thread

As you can see my Water Heater was on from 11:01P until 11:08P

Yet this notification at 12:01AM states my Water Heater has been on for 25 minutes, meaning it turned on at 11:36PM and then turned off in the subsequent 25 minutes which was missed based on your hypothesis.

Didn’t happen

And now it’s infiltrating my Device showing incorrect info.

Notice all the “offs” disappeared after 11:07PM, not that it was ever really on to begin with.

And it still isn’t me

I’m having the same behavior I’m receiving notification in my case the notifications are for devices y do not have notifications setup and also are completely false since devices have not started the information is traveling to ifttt and I had to disable some automations I have because of this

It could be fruitful in debugging to export your data (hourly) for say the last month and try something like Google Sheets > Data > Create Filter and correlate Device ID and DateTime along with Name.

Like @jefflayman, I have received 1 incorrect notification but on a Device that I do actually have. I renamed the device a few days ago from Fan to Fan Powder Room and set a notification for “ON for 30 min”. In my case it was a missed OFF.

I just received notification my Air Hander has been on for 60 minutes.

It would have had to miss 3 ons and offs for this to happen.

Between the multiple similar instances, it’s more likely that I am receiving someone else’s alert instead of missing 3 off and on cycles this time (a swell as the others).

Second night in a row.

Clearly someone else’s Water Heater

For my water heater to be on for 1 hour at 4:09AM, it would have needed to turn ON at 3:09AM

Maybe coincidental but it seems notable in this case that your water heater switched OFF around 3:09 at the time when, if the notification were correct, Sense starting clocking “a water heater” going ON.

Perhaps if you send support a current list (from a data download) of your device names and IDs you can demonstrate the anomaly and accelerate a fix.

@JustinAtSense is likely monitoring these issues and this thread as well so bug tracking is probably underway.

I’ve been getting notifications for things I don’t own as well as alerts for things that haven’t happened, like y’all; it seems to have started friday afternoon for me.

I’m hoping @JustinAtSense will chime in and tell us they’re aware and working on a fix.

I sent in a TestFlight beta feedback report but never heard back.

We’re aware of this bug and are looking further into it. I’ll update this thread with:

  • What the general cause of the bug was
  • When the bug fix goes out

Every time I tried to post about this the system keeps hiding.


So I guess I need to post new threads.

Ramon Check your Mini-Fridge. It’s Off.

If you have a motorcycle or trickle charger, you might want to check it as well.

Your AC/Heat Pump has been on more than 45 minutes an hour ago. Mine wasn’t even on.

More in my other thread.

My AC/Heat Pump

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Sorry, there was a malicious spammer a while back who basically left a bunch of content-free “no sense” and “nonsense” messages, so those phrases trigger review. You’re good now.

Given some of the other posts, it looks like there is a bug in the notification system, though I’m not seeing erroneous notifications for either of my accounts / monitors.


As you can see my Water Heater was on from 11:01P until 11:08P

Yet this notification at 12:01AM states my Water Heater has been on for 25 minutes, meaning it turned on at 11:36PM.

Didn’t happen

Not my Water Heater


And still not mine.