iPhone notifications do not work

I’m a relatively new Sense user (one month) and I just noticed that I don’t receive a single “basic notification” on my iPhone if I enable the alert on a particular appliance. What does that do? Is it supposed to pop up a banner on my iPhone like other iOS alerts? If so, it doesn’t work. Everything is enabled that I can find.

It does however show up in the list while the app is running, like all my found appliances do.


What type of notifications are you looking for?

I’m going to assume those for a specific device. Let’s say you have a device with the name “heat 2”
In the app, navigate to the “device” tab where it shows a list of all detected devices.
Click on our imaginary “heat 2” and in the upper right hand corner, click the gear to access settings.
You will now be on the “details” tab of that page, simply click “manage” to open that tab and from there you will see the notifications available.
Also, make sure you have notifications enabled on your phone and specifically for the Sense app.
Hope that helps.

Correct. Device notifications. Nothing pops up.

I’ll keep playing with it. I checked all standard Apple iPhone notification settings too and everything is fully enabled. I assume when it is working, the iPhone yells at you like any other standard iOS notification?? That’s what I want.

The notifications work like any other iPhone notification.
I had this problem at one time and it was setting in the phone I had off. I had my notifications enabled for all but the specific Sense app.
Another thing you might try is to make sure the “show in timeline” button is toggled on. I do t know if this has any effect but trying to think of anything that would prevent the alerts.

I remember what I had off. In the phone the Sense notifications were on but at the bottom of the setting screen for it where you can choose when to display, the choices are “always”, when locked” and “never”. I had it set to “never”

I have it set to Always. OK this is weird.

I’ll open a support ticket with Sense. Literally everything is turned on. Thanks for your help though Sam. I appreciate it.

Just to make it explicit, I assume you have it set something like this at the OS notifications level:

One more thing to try that is kind of a pain but would probably get it working is to uninstall and reinstall the app.

I got it working. A combination of logging out/in of the application plus reinstalling it. Strange


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