App claims it cannot send notifications yet it can

Is this an OS limitation?

I have Sense app setup to deliver notifications silently, yet the app is throwing this warning.

Never seen this before. Let me look into it.

ETA: Spoke with engineering and it’s not by design. Bug is logged.

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Your iPhone settings and your app settings for notifications are in conflict.
Try enabling in your phone settings.

The notifications are properly delivering silently, as currently desired, to the notification center.

I’m confused…so it’s working again?

No, the warning is still there. I was just pointing out my OS is not misconfigured.

I have notifications allowed for Sense in iOS, but to deliver them silently with no buzz/beep.

Just so I’m 100% understanding:

The silent notifications are working despite the warning from Sense? Sorry for the back and forth here.

Mine does the same on silent, Always has.

Yes that is correct.

Always does on silent