iOS post notifications stopped


Has anyone been getting push notifications on their iPhone? They seemed to have stopped for me. I have Sense installed on my iPad too but I always open the one o my iPhone and I know it only sends to the last device open.


I’m the same boat here. Anyone else having this issue? I have both an iPhone and an iPad - and notifications were only coming through on the iPad. I confirmed that they were turned on the iPhone as well - but nothing coming through. I turned off the notifications on the iPad and ensured that I was using only the iPhone app - but still no notifications at all. Any ideas?


Support told me there will be an iOS app in the next day that fixes this.


Outstanding - maybe it will fix the solar dip as well!



@garywitt29 & @marcbh, we just released an app update that should fix the notification bug you were experiencing.

The solar calibration fix is being handled by a different team and was not part of this app update. When it is fixed (very soon), it will be in a firmware update rather than an app update. I appreciate your patience with that. It is top of mind!


Thanks! Downloaded and so far, so good.


Thanks. Notifications seem to work now although the badge count seems to be buggy. Always shows 1 when you have a notification but when you click on the app, you can’t view which notification it is.


Thanks for the feedback on the notification functionality, Marc. Just to make sure I understand correctly, you click on the app icon when it indicates there is a notification and aren’t sure what you’re being notified of when you get into the app?

With the new ‘sticky’ timeline items, the new notification should be at the top of your timeline when you enter the app.


Hmmm, not sure that’s the case. For example, Heat 3 was the trigger of a push notification since I saw the push notification. I go into the app and it’s not clear to me what triggered the badge count.


My mistake. You’re absolutely right! This notification flow is something we’re going to work on improving. Thanks again for pointing out this lack of clarity.

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