Not receiving iOS Notifications

Some days ago (sorry, hard to pinpoint) I stopped receiving device on/off notifications on my iPhone. I have not made any changes to my phone or Sense setup…but I have been tweaking the home network and wifi. Any one else not getting notifications? Am I correct in assuming that notifications are pushed from the Sense mothership? Or are they pushed from my local Sense device?

I would think that notifications initiate from your local Sense Monitor, but are relayed to you from the “Mothership”.

The issue is likely stemming from your specific iPhone. At the least, it is a good first point of troubleshooting… Did you have any recent updates?

Now that you mention that, I haven’t gotten any notifications for a while.

I contacted support…they tell me there is a known issue/bug right now.

Yeah, mine stopped a long time ago. Lots of known issues and bugs these days.

Thanks for sharing @mrtimo.
If you haven’t already, please send a note to so we can continue to track the issue.

Support ticket is 182533.

Its broke for sure - I also opened a request 182392 earlier this week.

I too have lost notifications recently. I will open a ticket as well.

It seems someone noticed.

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Update: This has been resolved. If you’re still seeing this issue, please write into Support.
Any further updates on this bug will be shared on

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