Three (3) SENSE units. 3 houses, 2 cell phones


I hope among this vast knowledge is a solution to my challenge.
I have 3 houses in which I have installed 3 sense units. First 2 went OK as I have 2 cell phones.
Now installing the third, how in the heck do I swap between SENSE units on one phone??



Unfortunately, it requires you to log out and then in with the other credentials. This is something we’re working on, but are not quite there yet. There’s a thread in Product Wishlist about it. I suggest you ‘Like’ it, as that helps us to prioritize things.


@RBC-CostaRica see if this link helps


Thank you, I knew I could do this, but I wanted the iPhone app to be utilized. I will wait longer for that integration.


Naw, I get it. Until then, perhaps the app watches one house and two browsers watch 2 other… Not perfect, but keeps you from doing the logout/login for now… I do it, pretty satisfied right now, but the app would be nicer.