TP-Link and Three way switches


While this is not directly Sense related, I thought I would share it for those doing home automation. Most of us have three or four way switches in our home. When you buy a WiFi switch from TP-Link (HS-210) they sell them in pairs and tell you that you need to install one at each end of the circuit for them to work correctly. This is actually not true. I think they do this to either sell more switches or reduce tech support calls. If you determine which switch is the first in the circuit you can install your smart switch there and leave the dumb one at the other location and it will work perfectly. Same goes for four way applications. I know this because I have done it.


I’m not planning to add such switches soon but thank you for the kindness of sharing this information. I hope that it’s helpful to others on this forum.


TP-Link HS-210 3-way Wifi Switches


These are great switches, work on a WiFi app and work with Amazon Alexa and Google assistant.B&H Photo is offering a two pack for only $44.99 after applying an instant 25%-off coupon and there is no shipping charge and no tax ouside NY. The link is below:

The only problem, is sometimes the link does not apply the coupon at the payment stage, if that happens just call them to place the order.

TP-Link says you need two in a 3-way circuit but that is not true if you install one in the first switch position on your circuit. I have several of these installed and highly recommend them.