Ubiquiti Users - Did You See a Big Improvement in Sense / Kasa Plug Reliability in Mid-Dec?

Hi folks,
I’m trying to understand why my Sense and Kasa smart plugs became far more reliable starting around Dec 14th. No Sense firmware updates in that timeframe that I’m aware of. The two charts below shows days when I had at least one hour of dropped data from Sense for each smart plug (or outlet of an HS300) via export. The first shows the improvements in recent times, the second a longer history.

Some kind of intermittent issue crept into my environment around Sept 2023 and was gone completely by Dec 15th.

Ubiquiti released UniFiOS 3.2.7 with a ton of enhancements on Dec 11, and I think I waited a couple days to install. That might have been it, but looking for others that might have seen the same.

Were the plugs themselves dropping out / offline or just the data from Kasa to Sense?

Pretty sure it was Kasa to Sense communication for a couple reasons:

  • My UniFi gear didn’t see any drops of any of the plugs and signal strength was good for all of the plugs affected
  • The Kasa app still worked with the plugs in question, even when they weren’t reporting to Sense. But as I have stated a few times, the Kasa queries the plugs a little differently from Sense. It talks to specific plugs, not broadcasting to them all, like Sense, plus the Kasa app asks for more information.

And the issue was a mix of partial outages and total outages. Here’s the Device Power Meter for the smart plug on my Yamaha AV receiver (HS110 Yamaha) - It’s a good candidate for seeing the behavior because it is a solid 5W Always On/Standby, and much greater when it is on.