Synchronized Kasa Smartplug Data Gaps

Thought I would post one more temporary problem with my Kasa smartplugs. Saw all of them drop out for 3 short (15min) periods today. Pretty sure that my LANs were not the cause because there was no corresponding gap in ping plots. It affected all Kasa device types - HS110s, HS300s, KP115.

Note - no gap in ping plots.


Do you happen to have any SenseLink (or emulated Kasa derivative) plugs? Do they show any similar synchronized drop outs?

I’ve always wanted to see if emulated plugs responded any differently for folks with these Kasa plug issues. They use the same network/data transport format but of course have completely different code bases. It could possibly help isolate issues to Sense vs network vs Kasa - not to mention SenseLink can give you debugging logs to see if the Sense UDP request broadcasts are actually reaching it.


I don’t have any emulated devices today. I have thought of using HA to convert my Tesla charging sessions into emulated power usage (mi / hr charging rate to kW), but haven’t yet. Just haven’t spent the time to learn how to write that code.

Does these plugs show in your HA as binary sensors?

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Both binary and normal sensor in HA from Sense integration. IF I compare against presence for those plugs in HA using Ubiquiti integration. I see two “periods of Unavailable”, one at 10:23AM and one at 3:35PM for all the Kasa smart plugs, which of course don’t line up with the Sense issues.

Comparing between Ubiquiti binary sensors and Sense binary sensors for the same smart plugs (Furnace Up and Furnace Down), Ubiquiti shows some 2 outages (those two gray lines in the image above) for Feb 4 but Sense does not show any. But I haven’t looked inside the integrations to look at how “presence” is tested.

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