UK version

Hi I have a buddy that lives in the UK. He was wondering if there will ever be a UK version?

Boy, I did not think this was such a hard question - is it posted in the wrong place?

Posting on a Friday night is not going to get you a business response until Monday.
UK power is way different to US power. Different frequency, Voltage and phasing.

OK, yes I understand the differences, to be honest I’m retired so did not notice it was Fri night - when you are retired everyday is Saturday :slight_smile: I just did not know if anyone noticed the post…



We’re certainly interested in expanding beyond the US and Canada, but it’s not on the roadmap at this time.

OK, thanks I’ll pass it along - my buddy has got my home automation script working – see my first graph - that is my cloths dryer warming up and then cycling to maintain temp - pretty cool…