Home Automation (Tight Ship)

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Miles… This is a good place to share your “story”! For instance, your “Always On” load of 421 watts is extremely good, yet still far from the double-digit lows of some! Also, it’s not difficult to find many here that have 3x your value or higher.

Please begin your story with your actions taken that resulted in current Always On level. Most assuredly, the story begins prior to 3-weeks ago!

@alex.l.muir 's initial introduction (hyperlink)

Your journey with Sense, started about 3-weeks ago. If.you care to share your story, I’m eager to see your outcome, thus far!

Any updates in your Smart Home pursuits?

This is a cool idea for a thread. I was originally thinking these posts would be better in the original thread, but that could cause a simple ‘Introduce yourself’ thread to go pretty quickly off the rails. Let’s see how this goes in this format.

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Here are a few ways that I control always-on:

-Use power strips that switch the outlets based on the state of a “sensor” outlet. So, for an entertainment center, the receiver and other components won’t get power (and won’t be able to consume standby power) until the TV turns on, for example.

-Use smartplugs and other means to tie device power to presence data from SmartThings. For example, I have some digital signage type devices in my home office that turn off at night or when I leave the house based on ST presence.

-Control my ERV based on presence data. SmartThings shuts it down 12 hours after the house is empty.

-The usual lighting automations should have presence dependencies so that fewer lights come on at sunset if the house is empty.

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I also use Smartthings for automation. I have been wondering if that is a cause of nothing being found by Sense. for 3 weeks and oonly the initial refridgerator is found. I have bout a few of the HS100 but as they do nto work nicely with smatrthings they are not that helpful except to get sense to do something. I use the Presence detection in ST like @pswired to shut down most things when i am not home. I would love to get ST integrated with Sense as it beats the TP link hands down. The only way i found to integrate the HS100’s into ST is with IFTTT and that has too much lag for me to use it for anything user interactive.

U have an always on of about 300 - 310 W and of course everything but the fridge (found) 0.8 kwh/day, TV o(HS100) 0.5 kwh/day and Mac cmputer with 2 external HDs (also HS100) about 0.1 kwh/hour when used. I am using about 30 kwh per day. Not doing too bad and this was not changing anything since i got sense. I live in FL so heat and cooling not been used much this month but AC in summer raises it a lot I would guess.

So far I am not impressed with Sense, I had most of this knowledge just from guestimation and my ampmeter (was a Maaster Electrical Contractor for 20 years). The only thing that this has helped me to look at is the balance between legs over time as I do have 1 leg higher than the others. Once I get them better ballanced i think i should trim about 10% off i hope.

I also plan on getting Solar and a 7-10kwh generator but that will be a couple years at least. Florida in the sticks has power outagges way too much, last year had a 2 week outage.

So far Sense is just an expensive toy with little value which I hope does something eventually. I would love it to change my mind rather than feel like i just paid to give them my data.

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