Unidentified spikes when pump is running

My pool pump runs between 750 -800 watts between filter cleanings. Two days ago a new device was discovered as “heat 6”. The device cycles 4-5 times per hr at around 450 watts and only when the pool pump is running. The spikes appear correct, as the Sense power meter jumps during those cycles, as does a separate whole house energy monitor.

The pool pump is on a smart plug and does not show the spikes, though all other monitoring shows those spikes (only when the pump is running). Been banging my head trying to figure out what is going on… Any ideas or clues will be greatly appreciated.

I don’t know much about pools, so sorry if my questions don’t help. If you stand beside the pump hardware when the device engages, do you hear a solenoid click? What kind of filter (sand vs cartridge) do you have? The tapered wave form looks like a back flush cycle engaging at regular intervals.

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Its a DE told filter with no apparent changes in sounds or performance. But thank you for the input.

Is your pump variable speed?

Resolved ?
Further investigation is showing that the spikes are not from the pool pump. They are apparently a constant device cycle from something else in the house, but only showing on the “new device” timeline when the pool pump is running.
Now to figure out what that device is???

RESOLVED and Thankful…
Tracked it down to a faulty sump pump. Must be thermally protected to cycle on and off when it heats up?


Sounds like a great story for https://sensesaves.sense.com/ @quietminded :slight_smile: