Unknown/Generic Devices - What are they?

Today, late at night (1:00 AM), I saw a device called Heat1, that consumes 450W. It lasted about 3 minutes. That seems very high as it’s the largest bubble in ‘Now’ display.

What could it be? I have both a fridge in the kitchen, and a freezer in the garage. Could this be their ‘defrost’ cycle? My furnace runs on natural gas, and I have a dedicated sensor on it.

PS. Rather than creating a New Topic every time, I’d keep on adding here whenever I see ‘mysterious’ devices.

That sounds about right for a fridge defroster.

Both the timing and the amount of power sound like it could be the refrig defrost. Is it relatively new model? Is it a large unit?

My two year old refrige hasn’t ever been found (it’s one of those proportional speed mostly running models), but the defroster did get caught. I’ve also switched to KASA for monitoring the refrige since Sense apparently can’t handle such devices. Kasa does a good job with it.

It’s an old model, about 17 years old. A Kenmore Gold Series, with side-by-side doors.

115 VAC, 9.4 A, 1008 W

Might get an upgrade over the next few weeks

Yes, waiting for my KP115 to arrive, and one of them is destined for the fridge