Unnamed Motor with Negative Load?


Anyone seen a device consuming negative load? See below Unnamed Motor at -225W


I believe that is called a “Generator” :slight_smile: I have one too, but mine is bigger, it shows at over (or should I say under?) -1100 watts. Most of the time it correlates with my dishwasher running but I have seen it one or two times when the dishwasher was not on. What is interesting is Sense seems to know this is wrong as it increases Unknown by a similar positive amount. As such Unknown will be much larger than total consumption when this device is active.


Thanks Howard. I wish I had -1100 watts… sense would pay for itself quickly :slight_smile:


Hi there, thanks for reporting this! We’ve had a few other users letting us know about it and we’ve identified it as a high-priority bug that we’re working to fix. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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