Use solor CT's for monitoring load?


I don’t have solar (yet anyways), but I’m curious if I could monitor my heat pump with the solar CT’s? This could be for any 220v load really.

I get the UI and the reporting would be odd but it could be a way for Sense to sell more devices. Anyone care to mess up their stats to see if it reports properly :slight_smile: ?


I would hold off for two reasons:

  • Once the solar option is activated, the math changes. Solar Production is added to the mains reading to get Total Usage. Do you want to see Total Usage that is your real Total Usage plus the heat pump ? You could track your heat pump, but ti would be double counted in the Total Usage.

  • Solar goes through a calibration cycle that I’m not sure the Heat Pump would make it through.


Thanks Kevin, it seems it would be possible to configure this on their side, but I had the same thoughts about the current drawbacks.

Maybe if there’s enough demand shown on here?

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