Very low voltages

I was playing around in Sense and ended up looking at voltages.

Should I be concerned that my voltages went down 67 range.

Seprate dates in the graph I see a gap in data - again should I be concerned about that too

Btw I saw where I could download the csv

power_quality_raw.csv (389 Bytes)

low voltage occured at 3:39PM so probably right at the end of the first gap (supposedly)
I wouldn’t trust that warning/reading.

Danny, look again - graph vs. low voltage are different dates - Graph shows June 25 and low voltage is june 21

Yep, you got me there
looking up excuse: ahh not enough coffee will do :wink:

HUGE coffee person, so that works for me. I just want to make sure nothing is wrong. The gaps are ok, but that low voltage is LOW

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Anyone have thoughts to the very low voltage I experienced and/or if I should be concerned