VFD Motors

I was wondering if VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) Motors are discoverable by the Sense device. I have several VFD motors in my home and Sense hasn’t picked up any to date. I’m just curious to know if this is the cause of some delay, and if so, is there something in the works for this?

One more thing. If a standard PSC motor has been discovered and labeled but I’d like to change this motor to a VFD, How would I go about this in the device settings?

VFD motors do tend to be more difficult to detect, but detection varies based on their behavior. We are working on improving detection for devices with these kinds of motors.

Our categorization in device settings is by device type like appliances, electronics etc. rather than component types. If you have a mystery motor and know what it belongs to, we recommend categorizing it as that device.

Thanks For the info Ben. I have another question if you’re willing to let me pick your brain.

With all the smart devices today, is it a possibility to link up with some of these devices to help label certain items?
For example, I have three Nest brand thermostats. If Sense could connect to these devices it would have an exact date & time for every time the heating or cooling is ran. Hypothetically, we could set up an IFTTT Trigger but Sense would need to have this integrated into its software to pick this up.
There’s also Apples Home Kit. If Sense had a capability of connecting to this app to know specifically when I device starts and stops, it may cut learning time in half.

Just a thought, let me know what you think :grinning:

There is an option to opt into tapping into data sources in the app. They’re still collecting data and admittedly I don’t know much about the process, but I think they have a spot about it on their blog.

So, as Nick said, there is a section in the ‘Settings’ of the app called ‘Data Sources.’ Right now, you can enable ‘Network Identification’ which we are using to tie network data from devices (like smart TVs and game consoles) into device algorithms. We have a page that we set up with a little more information on that here: How does Network Device Identification make Sense smarter?.

In terms of integration with devices like smart thermostats, that is something we believe can helpful in improving detection accuracy and giving you a more complete picture of your home’s energy consumption. We will definitely be looking at that for a future integration.