Washer and dryer readings


Over the last few days sense identified my washer and dryer. I just washed a load and put it in the dryer. With only the dryer running, the washer is showing up on the live readings.

When the washer is running the wattage fluctuates allot as the speed varies and it changes direction. But the dryer is constant speed so I dont understand why this is happening. Has anyone else seen this?


@rboe. Your dryer motor runs at a constant, but the heating element switches on and off at a minimum many times during a dry cycle to maintain the proper temperature for the load.


I neglected to mention that I have a gas heater…


A washer will fluctuate wattage because of agitation, a dryer for the most part is a continuous load even though it’s not perfectly stable like Sense portrays it at times. Sometimes their models aren’t all ‘up to date’ and certain devices get more attention, i.e. most refrigerators will show a steady decrease in wattage because it’s actually following it, when other devices it just knows the on an off signature. My guess is they have a metric ton of refrigerator data that for the most part look similar electrically and that allows Sense to ‘hone in’ on them.

Being you have a gas heater, look for a wattage spike every now and then as that will be your igniter (likely detected separately.)


If I’m reading your post correctly, despite only one of the 2 running, both are showing up as running in Sense?

This could be a false trigger caused by something else in your house that Sense is thinking looks like your washer.

Your best bet at this point us to go to the device listing for the washing machine when it shows running (but actually isn’t), click on the gear icon on the top right side of the display, select the “manage” tab, and at the bottom of that screen click “report a problem”. One of the 2 options there will be “Device is not on”. So long as you’re sure said device isn’t actually on, click it.

This should cause the device to go to the “Off” status in Sense, and will also help train the Sense system to better realize when it’s perhaps detected incorrectly.


When my washer and dryer were first detected I had the same problem.
So I tried to help sense separate them by washing a load and leaving it
there for awhile. I would have 30-60 minutes before switching it to the
dryer. Now sense is spot (except occasional oven mix with dryer) on with
not getting them mixed up. I have no idea if my theory of separating it like
that gave sense a nudge in the right irection or not but maybe it did.
I was really surprised about how fast the washer was detected because
of the erratic fluctuations while doing loads, none of them look the same to
The dryer is now getting mixed with my oven after sense did this “combine”
thing. There is a post about it.