Web and App: Solar Visualization Request

Hey folks, wouldn’t it make logical sense (ha, no pun) to rearrange the solar visualization so that the sun is in the position of where the house is? In my world, the sun would be higher, on top, feeding down and into the house and/or the “grid”. I’ve often wondered why the sun isn’t on top, but if you look at the image here, wouldn’t it be more logical? Thanks! —michael


+1, seems a shame this didn’t garner more attention

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Well. Logical from what viewpoint? From a realistic to the world, sure. The sun is in the sky which is up.
But also, the Sense is a product to monitor the power of your home, so that should be “Front and center” which would make it logical that it is at the top of the pyramid, and then you look down to see the feeders.

If it had been sun at top from the get go, I probably would not have thought twice about it, but seeing it this way, personally, it feels more correct.


Another thing that would be really cool would be the ability to overlay the solar data from yesterday with the data from today. Enphase does this in their app, but i would love to have this in sense to compare.