Solar Icons and energy flow arrows position

This has been discussed before, but why doesn’t the solar energy flow icons look like this?

compared to the current
Screenshot from 2021-06-23 09-15-46

I agree that positioning the solar at the top would be slightly more intuitive when solar is providing more energy than the home can use. This is because hierarchies are typically presented with the large item at the top. Perhaps the current layout is because solar is often not the largest item. In such cases, the user’s own home is the focus, and correctly so. While it would be possible to rearrange the icons if solar production exceeds domestic demand, this could cause a different type of confusion as items jump around on the screen.

I was more looking at it from the logical positions.
Both my house and the grid or on the ground, the sun/solar is (normally) above.

We recognize this ultimately comes down to preference, but our reasoning here was that we view the home as the most important (and where Sense is housed) and this structure allowed us some flexibility for future iterations/updates.