Wemo mini plugs not detected

I installed 3 Wemo Mini plugs 5 days ago. Sense still has not detected them, it still shows looking for plugs. I have disabled and enabled twice. All 3 are running firmware version WeMo_WW_2.00.11420.PVT-OWRT-SNSV2 and are hardware v2.

Wemo Minis don’t have power measurement capabilities, so they’re not among the supported Wemo and TP-Link models.

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I don’t know if Sense can control on/off for these plugs, but it certainly can’t monitor them…the Wemo Mini doesn’t monitor power, just switch it. You need the Wemo Insight for that. Since those sell for $30 and up, I definitely prefer the TpLink HS110, which you can find for $20 and lower at Walmart and elsewhere.

I also like the TpLink app better.