Wemo Wackiness or Fridge Flakiness?


I’ve had a Wemo Insight on my Blomberg BRFB1312 fridge for a week.

I have no idea (from Blomberg) as to what a “normal” cycle should be but it sounds noisier than in the past and runs longer than I would expect. In general it seems to have a low power consumption but the run time adds up. Help save some watts!

Beyond that I just noticed something interesting: BIG spike. Not the ~150W ones that I suppose are the compressor kicking in but the 4kW+ one that ran for 3 seconds and started at 9kW+. Oh my.

I have a service call out to Blomberg so hopefully will have the fridge tweaked soon then I can compare the before & after signatures and will post them to the Device Library if they look meaningful.

Anybody done “bad fridge” diagnosis on their waveforms?

Can’t figure this one out