Can’t figure this one out

got a computer or laptop that is in sleep mode? these could be wake up cycles from the network card and hard drives… either that or it could be the apple TVs… tried to google power specs, but that must be the nation secret… look at the label on the bottom of an apple tv and tell us what the wattage is… if it only gives volts/amps, volt x amps = watts… since you have 4, they could all be giving off the same ID and being totaled together in the eyes of Sense…

No computers plugged in 24 hours. Unplugged Apple TVs and it didn’t go down

really hard not knowing what else is in your home… tankless water heater? do you know if you have a recirc loop/pump? what part of the country are you in?

I know it is difficult and I appreciate all the help.

No tankless water heater. No other water

Pump. I have a sprinkler system but it isn’t turned on yet. A fountain pump but it’s 8w. Hot tub pump but I turned off the breaker and it still goes.

It’s just such an odd wattage for something I can’t find.

For reference, the most my latest gen Apple TV (non-4k, if that makes a difference) pulls is 5w.

cool, its like the rokus… I have (2) Streaming Stick and (2) Stream Stick+, all powered by TV USB port… they are 3-5W depending on what they are doing… I was actually surprised something so small and complicated was so energy efficient… heck, they even feel a lot hotter than the wattage they use… lol…

Maybe an older wireless router or older stereo receiver or something along those lines? That could use that kind of crazy wattage before energy star and could be on 24/7.

Nope - Netgear orbi. I think I’ve unplugged and turned everything in the house off.

How about a radon mitigation device of some sort, a malfunctioning sump pump or attic fan? Something out of sight out of mind?

There is an attic fan but I feel like it hasn’t been hot enough for that. But maybe that?

Something to look at, assuming it’s hard wired. Sensors do sometimes go bad. It is also much more likely than a pump or something that might burn itself out if it was malfuntioning. At least it’s an easy thing to check, not like crawling around in a crawlspace or kneewall ugh!

Finally got into the attic. Whatever this mystery device is, it isn’t the attic fan :confused:

I do also have radon mitigation, but I turned that off for an hour and the mystery device still turned on

Radon venting was one I wouldn’t have thought of, so thanks for mentioning it. As I search for “mystery devices”, I’ll keep that in mind.

How about a doorbell transformer. They run 24/7. Mine is a 40 va. It runs two bells, a lighted address and a Ring doorbell. It is 24 volt on secondary side, but who knows.

The mistake we all make (IMHO) looking at these signatures is beginning by assuming that because the Sense algorithm has decided it’s a “device” doesn’t mean necessarily that that signature is coming only from separate device and represents the entire device usage. It could be a component of a more complex and larger wattage device.
For the most part it looks like a fridge/freezer signature as @samwooly1 suggested.

Have you tried killing power to your fridges/freezers briefly while watching the device power meter?

Also, it seems to be similar to the general usage of my fridge (38W with spikes at 150W).
My fridge I think is misbehaving and running longer than it should be … I just posted a thread about it here.

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I do have a ring doorbell… would that be 35 watts?

A lighted doorbell usually draws 2-3 watts (each button), when not ringing the bell. I’ve not measured what it draws when ringing and that would be highly dependent on what your ringer is. Hopefully it doesn’t ring for long. Each button therefore draws about 27KWH/year, or $4.86. Frankly, that doesn’t worry me and I don’t care if Sense ever finds my three lighted buttons.

See the kind of amusing article at, where he points out that such a small draw adds up to 2.6 BILLION KWH for the whole USA and generates 1.8 MILLION tons of CO2.

And, no, I haven’t checked his arithmetic. Personally I’m NOT turning off my three doorbells anyway.

Yeah so mine wouldn’t be that - it’s 35w

I unplugged the fridge - no change and the 35w mystery device is still showing as on.

I don’t think the Ring doorbell alone would draw 35 watts. If you have it connected to the wires from your old doorbell. There may be other things hooked up also like an address light as in my case.