We're doing an AMA! Vote on what time of day we should hold it

Hey there, Sensei!

We have a New Year’s surprise for you. We want to answer all your questions. No, really ALL of them. And since all of you here represent the most engaged and curious of our users, we want to make sure we schedule it at a time that suits you.

So - take a minute and answer our poll - when would you like us to schedule the AMA?

  • Workdays: anytime
  • Workdays: mornings only
  • Workdays: afternoons only
  • Weekend

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I’m assuming this is some sort of presentation but I am not familiar with the acronym AMA :frowning:

Reddit - Ask Me Anything: AMAs are open to all Reddit users, and use the site’s comment system for both questions and answers; it is similar to a press conference but online.

Why doesn’t the poll question include the timezone somehow? I would answer afternoon since I know you’re in Eastern, but I’m in Pacific so will you interpret that as after 3pm Eastern, or after 12pm Pacific? Please consider the timezones of your customers in your choice of time. Anything prior to 9am Pacific is a non-starter for an AMA targeting all your US customers.

Ah ok. Not sure Reddit is the best platform for it, I barely know how that works and think many users might not even know it exists. Why not do it on FB, as there are more than double the number of users on the FB group than on the Reddit platform. Or host it on your own webpage if you have the capability. Actually a video conference where people could dial in and ask questions would be even better.


Anytime. I will make time for it day or night. Did that on my job for years.

 Thanks for your Time Phil