What's new in v21: Tab Bar


Same issue here with iOS and Android devices. Tried logging out of all devices, clearing cache, etc. and still get the “when signal check is complete…” on trends tab.


and @jerush3

I think you should both submit tickets about this to support@sense.com. This was a bug that should be fixed, but it appears it may not be for everybody.


I have submitted a ticket yesterday. Thanks, Ryan!



I had this same issue (no Trends on iOS). Tried logging out and back in, tried reinstalling the app, tried power-cycling the monitor. No luck. Also had a support ticket open…didn’t really get much help so ended up blowing everything away and starting over. Not a great ‘solution’ but only had 5 devices detected anyway.


and @Lorac

Are you still seeing this issue? It should hopefully be fixed.

For anyone else who is dealing with this, please just PM me directly.


It seems to be working right now.

I click on Trend and get the expected results.

thanks for the help.

Carol :smiley:


That seems to have fixed the problem!


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