What's new in v21: Tab Bar

My favorite holiday is new release day! We’re very excited about this release. While there’s nothing earth shattering here, we think it’ll make the Sense experience a lot more fluid and efficient for users new and old.

The tab bar
Tired of sore thumbs from stretching your hand to the corner menu button? Then you’ll like this update. We got rid of the “hamburger menu” and replaced with an always-open tab bar at the bottom of the screen. You can now enjoy effortless navigation around the Sense app, making it easier to check out the new features we’re continually rolling out (like Goals!).

From Usage to Trends
We’ve also renamed the Usage screen to Trends. We feel it better reflects the data that you’re looking at. Within Trends, we’ve renamed the Trends card to Usage.

Getting started process
Most of you won’t ever see this since you’ve already installed and set up your Sense monitor, but we’ve also updated the getting started process for new users, making some changes that should help clarify what exactly is happening as Sense learns about your home for the first time.

Other changes

  • On the Now screen, tapping either your live usage or the plug icon will direct you to the current day in Usage, just as you can already do with with solar production and the solar icon. This was actually a feature request that came a few months ago, so big thanks to @NJHaley for the idea!
  • On the Device Details screen, when you’re linked from the Power Meter card in Device Details to the full Power Meter, time will now automatically scale to the last 24 hours. This was another feature request that will hopefully make it a little easier to identify usage patterns with new devices without having to pinch and zoom out first.
  • One final feature request that @miracj brought up a long time ago, You can now find a link to the Community Forum under Settings > Help.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue with the Usage screen crashing
  • Fixed a graphical issue with the Goal progress card
  • Fixed an issue with the Now screen layout in landscape mode on iPads

As always, let us know what you think! We just pushed to Google Play and the App Store, so it might be a few hours before you’re able to download the latest update.


FYI, still see the issue with solar production being below the view in landscape on iPad.

Thanks for the catch, Dave. It’ll be fixed in the first patch.

Ryan, could you please explain further the 2nd item in “Other Changes” (On the Device Details screen…) I can’t figure out this feature. Sorry, guess I need more coffee. Thanks!

So if you open up a device from your Devices list and scroll down to the Power Meter, it shows the last 24 hours. Now if you tap that Power Meter to go to the main Power Meter page, it will automatically scale to the last 24 hours as well so you can more easily see that entire time period for better investigation.

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Mark it resolved (21.1), great turnaround!

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anyone else notice the power meter display a bit skewed in v21…

re-installing the app didn’t help

Did you get the latest 21.1 update?

How do we get the 21.1 update? Apple app store has version 21.0 at this time. Thanks!

Looks like I was mistaken and it’s just in Beta at the moment, but it should be coming along soon. I just sent your screenshots over to the software team and they’ll take a look.

hi ryan, any other way to get 21.1 other then apple app store?

It’s currently only in Beta but it should be out shortly.

Cool, thanks for the follow up. have a good weekend.


On Android 9.0, on the power meter for v21, the wattage meter overlaps the date always.

On my ipad in landscape view, when looking at trends screen, the new tab bar covers the info at the bottom showing what day is being viewed. When looking at week by week data and scrolling to previous weeks the name of the week is not visible. I can’t tell what week is being viewed.

Thanks for letting us know @plaguethenet and @dennynh. We’re aware of these issues and will be rolling out a fix soon.

Hey folks. Just a heads up that 21.1 is coming down the pipe shortly. Nothing major, but some little bug fixes:


  • Fixes occasional crash in Usage graph when selecting devices
  • Fixes issues where solar wattage on Now screen was covered by tab bar in landscape mode


  • Fixes issues with Trends view showing incorrect billing cycle end date

In addition, we’ve made some global improvements to how we handle authentication. A byproduct of this is that if you use Sense on more than one device (like multiple phones, a phone and a tablet, and so on), you won’t notice anything different when you get the update on your first device, but when you open your second device, you will have to log back in again.

Now that I am running 21.1 build 947 (thanks for the upgrade) I have two issues.

  1. I still have the problem with Trend. It always show
    ‘Soon after Signal Check…’
    and no other option is available.

  2. In Landscape mode there is no ‘control tab’
    no matter what tab Im in. I have to return to portrait mode to get the ‘control tab’ to return.
    This messes with any changes to view that I have
    done in portrait mode. Am I missing something.

#2 only happens with my samsung cellphone. Its ok with my tablet.

Thanks for the feedback. For your first issue, some Android users with this issue have had luck with clearing app data and cache in Android settings. In addition, log out on all devices and then log back in. Let me know if those still don’t solve the issue.

On the second issue, I’m not quite sure what you mean by the ‘Control’ tab. Are you talking about one of the options in the tab bar (Now, Solar, Trends, Devices, Settings)?

#2 I was miscalling it and meant the ‘tab bar’

#1 I have closed out all references except the
Web interface. MMMM Now I’m going to log out
of everything and start over again.

So I logged out of everything. Including exiting the
startup screen in all cases. Still get the
‘Soon after signal…’ message on the Samsung
Cellphone (as always has happened since I upgraded to 21.0 and 21.1). Still have not logged
back in on my tablet. Also I did clear the Android Data and Cache.

Carol Schneider :slightly_frowning_face: