What's New in v39 (iOS/Android)

Today, we’re releasing v39 to all monitors on iOS v39.0 1603 & Android v39.0 build 1308 and will be available in the App Store and Google Play store shortly. This update brings some quality improvements to the Sense app, including authentication updates, support for a future release and several under-the-hood changes (including bug fixes.)

With this release, we’re adding an additional layer of security to the Sense app. Two Factor Authentication, or 2FA, is an extra layer of protection used to ensure the security of online accounts beyond just a username and password. You can optionally set up two-factor authentication for Sense with any authenticator app.

Updates include:

  • Authentication updates
  • Ability to change email and password on iOS/Android
  • Support for a future release
  • Bug fixes and under-the-hood updates

You can find updated help articles here:

Regarding future release support:


Any idea when 2FA will work on the website? I can’t log into home.sense.com with 2FA enabled…

@Edison517 thanks for sharing. We’re going to look into this - can you provide some more information so I can pass along to our team?

  • What browser are you using?
  • What message/pop-up are you seeing on home.sense.com once log-in has failed? (screenshot would be great)
  • Did you initially enable on web or on mobile?
  • To confirm, this is only preventing your log-in via the web app (not mobile?)

I logged out of home.sense.com on my computer (Firefox).
Used the app to enable 2FA.
Tried to log into home.sense.com on computer (Firefox); got this error message immediately:
It never asked me for a 2FA code.

It looks like you have a very old cached version of the web app. We’re unsure of how that happened because we should be clearing that cache on a refresh. Did you have the browser window open to that page since yesterday (assuming not, but worth asking.)

Would you mind clearing your cache and reattempting @Edison517?

I actually do leave my browser window open pretty much all week long. Clearing the cache and reloading the page, it asked me for my 2FA and it worked, thanks :smiley:


In the description on the Apple App Store there’s indication of future support for “Wise Home Suite”. Any more information on these products? I am sure many are interested in energy monitoring outlet receptacles.

Yeah, the first part of the “What to Test” is interesting.

What to Test:

  • Adds future support for upcoming energy monitoring products from the Wiser Home suite, specifically: smart plugs, smart outlets, smart switches, and smart dimmers.
  • Provides energy monitoring and on/off control for all the connected Wiser Home devices in the home.


@thomastran.rx @obscuredtrip @Beachcomber @kevin1

Although this release is currently available in the Sense app, the energy monitoring Wiser Home connected devices will not be available for retail purchase at release. We are expecting availability in the next few months and will update with direct links to the products that have energy monitoring capabilities. You can see a preview of the devices that we will be integrating with here.

Note: We advise against purchasing any devices directly - Wiser’s product suite is rather large and we’d like to avoid confusion, since the products are not available for purchase yet.

Why release compatibility ahead of availability? We are releasing this ahead of the Wiser Home connected devices being available for retail purchase so that we can enable the feature for a large-scale pilot test that begins this week


So where are the 240v receptacles or monitors?

The ones on the current Wiser website might not be (all) of the supported products. As @JustinAtSense, we need to wait until the products / integration are officially announced.

Not sure how long this bug has been around, but the date on the right side of the x-axis is off on the Bill view. It says it runs the 13th of the month through the 14th of the following month; but as you can see, the last day shown is the 12th. (You can also see in very light grey, the previous month shows the ‘p 14’ of “Sep 14” before the current “Sep 13”.)