iOS (iPhone) app log-in frequency, plus firmware updates question

Relatively new user here – I’ve only been using Sense for around six weeks now. Earlier today the Sense app on my iPhone XR prompted me to login (yet again)… Now that this has happened at least three times times over the past six weeks and seems to be a repeating pattern, I thought I’d post here to see if it’s considered normal behavior (I hope not), or maybe if there’s a known ‘fix’. I have numerous other iOS apps installed where I’m logged-in to an account or subscription – but find it’s extremely rare that I must re-login to any of them.

I don’t use a memorable password or reuse passwords, meaning I have to retrieve my Sense credentials from a password manager each time. Not a major issue, but just a minor annoyance. I do appreciate the security, but not having to login again every couple of weeks or so. :roll_eyes:

Unrelated, but also curious about this: I’ve recently stumbled across some posts where the current firmware version is mentioned. It seems that v 1.33.xxxx is current, but in my Settings: Sense Monitor it shows that my monitor is currently running v 1.32.2936…

Do all users / Sense monitors get updated on or around the same date? My install does not use Solar, though I do use Dedicated Circuit Monitoring, if that matters. Should my monitor have updated to 1.33.xxxx by now? Thanks!

Welcome, @SBI! I’ve been using Sense for one year. The IOS app has asked me to login at least twice in the last couple months, but had not done so before that. I agree with your assessment that this is mildly annoying. I have the same firmware version as you. Whenever they roll out a new version, it auto-updates within a week of being issued. Firmware updates are intentionally non-simultaneous so they don’t overwhelm servers with download requests, as explained here:


Thanks for your reply @jefflayman – much appreciated! Perhaps some other new Sense users will also be helped by this info. :sunglasses: