What's new in Web App v4: Data Export


I appreciate this new feature, but it appears to have relatively limited use at the current resolution.

I am looking for much higher resolution data. I think second or sub-second is necessary for meaningful analysis.

Uses for “second-level data”:

  • Calculate short-term usage of unidentified systems (High resolution data allows me to look at the information, and pick out the systems that sense has not yet identified, and calculate their consumption).
  • Create aggregate energy consumption patterns for complete systems (i.e., combining dishwasher, well pump, and water heater to identify the total power consumption of the system, rather than just the dishwasher).
  • Track usage spikes and evaluating how to limit aggregate consumption if necessary for current limited systems.
  • Identify areas for improvement on combined or custom systems to improve efficiency and reduce consumption (i.e., the control system on a home brew rig could have timing adjusted to smooth or reduce consumption).
  • Identify timing of events to determine cause and correlate usage.
  • Evaluating multiple configurations of a single appliance (i.e., a washing machine at full load vs half load, where is the actual savings? Is it just in water usage, or are there other meaningful improvements?)
  • Troubleshooting possible appliance issues (i.e., an LED lighting system often seems dim after time, checking the energy consumption profile during the time it is on could reveal reduced power consumption over time suggesting overheating could be an issue).

Sense is a very useful tool, but without the granular details for export and analysis, it is very difficult to evaluate and / or to combine with other information.

Thank you, Chris

Time of day pricing

I noticed that the data shows “mains” and individual devices during the same hour. Is the data accumulative? or does mains already contain the wattage for the given devices during the hour ?
E.g. I have this and are wondering if the 2.935 kWh includes the individual ones or not…

|1/6/18 11:00|mains|Total Usage|||||2934.925|2.935|
|1/6/18 11:00|65faba51|Oven|Oven||||42.45|0.042|
|1/6/18 11:00|g0Tx2WEZ|Stove|Stove Top||||348.015|0.348|



Total Usage (mains) is the total sum usage for the house, and is the sum usage of all identified devices, including Always On, plus Other (which is not included in export today).