Where does Sunday Belong, This Week or Last Week?

When I look at USAGE… It appears that Sunday is the last day of the week. I see this was brought up back in Jan’17. I checked and it appears to be the same on the desktop as well as the phone app. My calendar has always been the first day of the week not the last. Not sure what has happened here. This to me looks like it can be throwing off the summaries of data off. Did we reinvent the calendar?? My 2 cents… Gerry

I can’t answer for Sense, but from a technical standpoint. Per historical calendar and practice, Sunday is the first day of the week.
But from a “modern standard” point of view, Sunday is the last day of the week. Its actually an ISO standard
I should add, for me personally, I prefer the Sunday as the last day of the week as it just fits logically in my head. Monday is the first day of the work week. Sunday is the last day of the weekend. So it makes sense to me that things are Monday-Sunday, not Sunday-Saturday. That said, I also work a job that is very often 7 day weeks, so dealing with overtime paperwork Mon-Sun is easier for me to track than Sun-Sat.

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Most data science packages and calendar apps let you choose the first day of the week. And the conventions even move around based on country since many countries have Sun-Thurs work weeks.

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OK… Guys… I lose… Hi… I must have been under a mushroom all this time… My whole life… And you must be much younger then me… Sunday was the first day of the week… My printed calendars are Sunday first… My point is that reading around here lots of data exported and me looking at my data …I just think of Sunday first day of week. Then I look at Sense, and it is different… Oh well… I’ll plant more mushrooms… 3 cents… Later…Gerry

@gcrawford.k8ger, no worries… Earlier in my life, I did a lot of projects with folks in Europe and Israel. The start point in the week was different between all three geographies so I learned that my scheduling in work-weeks needed added specificity.


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Robert Mankoff said it best I think …